Board of Trustees

Kirsten Harlow Foster, President

Sally Stuart, Vice President

Kathy Geary, Secretary

Duncan Cooper, Treasurer

Jeff Barnes 

Amy Brightfield

Leila McCullough

Judith Schwartzstein

Clay Smith

Mike Williams

Dale Blagrove

Barbara Demarest

Leif Johannson


General Manager, Tim Bruno 

Program Director, Jason Dole

Content Producer, Patricio Robayo

Interim Office Manager, Kit Hulit


845 482 4141

Campaign Steering Committee

Barbara Martinsons and James Lomax, Co-Chairs

Tim Bruno

Meg Paulson, Consultant

Barbara Demarest

Kirsten Harlow Foster

Ken Hilton

Pat Pomeroy

Thane Peterson

Heather Quaintance

Judith Schwartzstein

Sally Stuart


845 482 4141