-Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore, Superintendent of Schools for the Liberty Central School District

 “I am truly delighted that WJFF is moving to Liberty. This provides more opportunities and avenues for our students and our community. We look forward to partnering with them.”

– Jay Quaintance, President SUNY Sullivan

“In this age of 24/7 access to information that threatens to overwhelm us, it is important to have a source for news, entertainment and content that is local, curated and honest.  Radio has been that for so many people for so long.  WJFF has over 30 years of history in the Catskills “in the can” and the move to Liberty will provide the resources to ensure that this history of excellence expands for years to come!  The new space will provide opportunities for greater community engagement, more local programing, and stronger educational outreach to continue to move the region forward.”

-Brian P. Rourke, Esq., Managing Partner, Law Offices of Brian P. Rourke, P.C. 

“I have been a listener and supporter of WJFF/Radio Catskill for over 30 years and I’m delighted that the station will soon be putting down roots in the Town of Liberty.  From its exceptional programming, its commitment to the arts and its proven ability to build community spirit through participation and cultural events, Radio Catskill is sure to be a great new source of pride for the Liberty community.”

-Colleen Monaghan, Executive Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension Sullivan County

“WJFF has been an invaluable partner to Cornell Cooperative Extension Sullivan County, our programs, volunteers, membership, partners, and community for decades. By giving our membership, youth, and agricultural businesses a voice county-wide, WJFF is a local leader in cultivating community, ensuring Sullivan County residents and visitors have the most up to date, relevant information about important issues and opportunities and creating a sense of place and affinity around our rural heritage. We’re so thrilled to have WJFF moving just up the road and look forward to working with them to further grow this invaluable resource to the community.” 

-Eric Frances, Chief Executive Officer, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

“During times like these, the importance of partnership and support of your community is a cornerstone to success. WJFF is an anchor institution within Sullivan County. They continue to be a community resource, preserve our cultural heritage, and promote the arts within the region. We are excited for them as they take this next step in their journey and look to expand their programming and reach.”

-Aileen Gunther, Assemblywoman

“WJFF has been a cornerstone of our community for more than 30 years. It is the result of collaboration and hard work of all those involved across Sullivan County.

The station offers local broadcasting, news and nearly every genre of music to its audience. I’m proud to work with WJFF and I am grateful that they continue to serve Sullivan County and its residents.

-Arrah Fisher, Executive Director, The Cooperage Project

“The Cooperage Project is proud to have a longstanding collaborative relationship with WJFF that benefits programming and community support of both organizations. We are so excited for WJFF’s move to new facilities at Liberty, NY, which will undoubtedly strengthen our partnership further, as the addition of modern digital equipment and room to expand will enhance the vast and important offerings WJFF brings to our community. “

-Jocelyn CramerWayne County Commissioner​ 

“I have learned a great deal from the exceptional local news focus that WJFF has provided in the past year. In a time when we need to learn from best examples, this coverage has been extremely helpful to me as a Wayne County Commissioner. It has also helped us get the best information to the public. We are very grateful to WJFF for profiling Wayne County each week. Throughout the election season, these weekly interviews were an excellent resource to get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the election process here in Wayne County.  Additionally, we have profiled Wayne County recycling center, Area on Aging, Drug Court, Food pantry, and more. Thank you WJFF for the incredible commitment to your listeners. I also have to thank every one of those listeners who donates to WJFF to allow you to do it!”

-NY State Senator Mike Martucci ( R, C, IP ) 42nd Senate District

“If the pandemic really showed us one thing is how important it is to get out local messages and hear you’re covering important local issues that are not covered anywhere else”

-Luis Alvarez (D) Sullivan County Legislator District 6

“There’s countries where we’re [Latinos] not allowed to speak and be able to do what they want to do on a radio station like we do here. For me to be at your station be able to speak what I wanted to say, say what I wanted to say. We’re in such a great country, where we can have a radio station, we can say what we want to say.”